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studio-jpg2021 Gallery News

Thankful for the start of a new year with all the hope that entails. Last year, in response to the pandemic, I concentrated on creating more commissioned work than ever before. It made all the difference this past year in sales and continues to be something I enjoy and also gives clients the correct size painting for the intended space with colors that harmonize and work well with colors in the home. If you have ever thought about commissioning a painting, please contact me so we can discuss in more detail. As of January 2021 I am booked with commissions through April 2021.

During the winter, this beautiful, small, seaside town goes from being a popular tourist destination into a more dormant existence. Many of the shops close down, but many of the galleries stay open on weekends including mine. It’s much quieter and less crowded than in season and a good time to come view art at a more leisurely and thoughtful pace. Cape Ann is a beautiful area of the north shore and worth a visit any time of year. Hope to see you here soon!

In between commissions I’ve been managing to create paintings for sale in the gallery so please come see my new work as well as new work by Diane Guarino.

Please stay healthy and hope to see you soon.

– Scott